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Womens Fashion Ponchos Get Sexy

Ponchos have come down from the high plains and back into high fashion on to the catwalks this season.

Women's fashion ponchos featured strongly on the catwalks this season.

Gone are the heavy, horse-blanket style ponchos of yesteryear, replaced by delicate fabrics and sexy styles that complement every body. Fashion ponchos hide a multitude of sins.

Whether you choose silky, sheer and sexy, or embroidered ethnic style, the poncho can be adapted for all sizes and all occasions.


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MBA In the USA and HKG

MBA in the USA The MBA degree was developed in the US and the country has some of the best business schools in the world. The schools have earned their reputations, because they offer great teaching, excellent prospects and daily contact with top students If you've considered applying to an MBA programme in the US, this is the year to act, because: Selective schools want you. To provide a global perspective to classroom discussions and team projects, top business schools want about one-third of their MBA students to come from other countries. 'The global context is critical,' says Christie St-John, senior associate director of admissions at the top-ranked Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. 'We have first-hand evidence that international students enrich every discussion.' US MBA schools are feeling the pinch of competition from institutions in Europe, Asia, Canada and New Zealand and are stepping up their international recruitment efforts. The US must 'make it easier for the world?s best and brightest to pursue their graduate education at American universities,' Debra Stewart, president of the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) in Washington DC, said at a recent meeting of university presidents, corporate leaders and graduate school deans. CGS and government leaders are working to improve the visa process that allows foreign nationals to work in the US once they graduate. Proposals that would expand the number of H1B visas awarded annually from 65,000 to 180,000 and eliminate the cap for US-educated professionals should become law by the time you receive your MBA degree. Applications from foreign nationals to all US graduate programmes are still below 2001 levels, which means you will be competing against a smaller pool of candidates. According to the US Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), in McLean, Virginia, international applications to US MBA programmes for the 2006/07 academic year increased by only 7% over the previous year, compared to a 16% increase the year before. At the same time, domestic enrolment in full-time MBA programmes is dropping. US-based firms increased their hiring of new MBAs by 18% in 2007 and GMAC predicts that job outlook and opportunities for MBAs will remain strong worldwide. Average salaries for students recruited from MBA schools in 2007 were $88,000 and MBAs from top schools can expect to earn $125,000 or more a year. Finally, the internet makes it easy to research US schools, and websites can now walk you through the application process. Choosing a school The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) accredits 408 US MBA programmes, but many of these are small, enrolling fewer than 50 students a year. Three US publications, The Wall Street Journal, U.S.News & World Report and BusinessWeek rank business schools based on undergraduate GPA (grade point average) and GMAT scores, plus the assessments of students and recruiters. Although their placements differ on each list, the schools listed here alphabetically are considered the top 20 US MBA programmes. Many recruiters and international alumni recommend that you focus your attention on only the top schools. Sean Summers, a native of Argentina who received his MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business in 2007, for example, says, 'The cost of a US MBA degree is so high, I wonder if it's worth it if you don't attend one of the top 20 schools.' Recruiters from leading consulting firms like the Boston Consulting Group limit their search efforts to top-tier schools. But the demand for MBAs with an international background is so great that many recruiters have expanded their reach and now also seek job candidates at leading regional schools and public universities. And many schools that rank in the top 50 offer innovative international programmes. Dr Albert Niemi, dean of the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, says that about one-third of his school?s 240 full-time MBA students are international. As in most MBA programmes, the majority come from China and India, although Cox also attracts students from Latin America. At Cox, all first-year MBA students experience 'global immersion'. In the fall, students are divided into study groups for Europe, China, Latin America or India (international students may not choose their native countries, or continents). And in the spring, the students spend two weeks in their chosen countries, visiting two companies from different industries each day. 'By the time our full-time MBAs start their second year, they're set for a true global discussion in the classroom,' Dr Niemi says. A caveat: As more US residents opt for Executive or part-time MBA programmes, some schools enrol far more international full-time students than domestic ones. At the Stuart School of the Illinois Institute of Technology, for example, over 90% of the 266 full-time students are international. Texas A&M International University, in Laredo, Texas, has a foreign national enrolment of over 83% and an admissions officer there says some students apply believing they would be attending the more prestigious (and unaffiliated) Texas A&M in College Station. Students tell us that the network you build during graduate school is one of the most important reasons to attend a US MBA programme. If most of your fellow students are also from India or China, you may as well be educated at home. Dartmouth's Ms. St-John says that, in her view, the ideal MBA class should have no more than 40% foreign nationals. You may also want to avoid schools that enrol only a small percentage of international students. For a small fee, you can gain access to the U.S.News & World Report listings that rank all US MBA programmes according to several criteria, including the percentage of international students.


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        看到一个下载网站 xun6.com,他的下载模式是需要等待35秒才能下载,仔细研究了下代码,非常实用,特意收藏。





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如何在 ASP 中读取注册表的信息

通过 Windows Scripting object 的 Regread 方法,可以从注册表中读取信息。

下面的例子演示了如何得到 common files 的路径:

< %
Dim strPath 
Set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
Response.Write "< b> Registry Value(Common files dir):< /b>  " & objShell.RegRead(strPath)

键值要以 ' ' 结尾。




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本文前提是下载MYSQLX 地址为http://www.amedea.cz/mysqlx/DownloadFiles/MySQLX.zip
这个工具其实是MYSQL的组件对象模块.同样它也支持Delphi, Visual Basic, Visual C++, C++ Builder等工具的调用.以下是在ASP里的调用方法.

< %@ language="JavaScript" %>


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大家都怕那些表达式的符号吧,难记 而且混淆

字符 描述 \ 将下一个字符标记为一个特殊字符、或一个原义字符、或一个 向后引用、或一个八进制转义符。例如,'n' 匹配字符 "n"。'\n' 匹配一个换行符。序列 '\\' 匹配 "\" 而 "\(" 则匹配 "("。 ^ 匹配输入字符串的开始位置。如果设置了 RegEXP 对象的 Multiline 属性,^ 也匹配 '\n' 或 '\r' 之后的位置。 $ 匹配输入字符串的结束位置。如果设置了RegExp 对象的 Multiline 属性,$ 也匹配 '\n' 或 '\r' 之前的位置。 * 匹配前面的子表达式零次或多次。例如,zo* 能匹配 "z" 以及 "zoo"。* 等价于{0,}。 + 匹配前面的子表达式一次或多次。例如,'zo+' 能匹配 "zo" 以及 "zoo",但不能匹配 "z"。+ 等价于 {1,}。 ? 匹配前面的子表达式零次或一次。例如,"do(es)?" 可以匹配 "do" 或 "does" 中的"do" 。? 等价于 {0,1}。 {n} n 是一个非负整数。匹配确定的 n 次。例如,'o{2}' 不能匹配 "Bob" 中的 'o',但是能匹配 "food" 中的两个 o。 {n,} n 是一个非负整数。至少匹配n 次。例如,'o{2,}' 不能匹配 "Bob" 中的 'o',但能匹配 "foooood" 中的所有 o。'o{1,}' 等价于 'o+'。'o{0,}' 则等价于 'o*'。 {n,m} m 和 n 均为非负整数,其中n <= m。最少匹配 n 次且最多匹配 m 次。例如,"o{1,3}" 将匹配 "fooooood" 中的前三个 o。'o{0,1}' 等价于 'o?'。请注意在逗号和两个数之间不能有空格。 ? 当该字符紧跟在任何一个其他限制符 (*, +, ?, {n}, {n,}, {n,m}) 后面时,匹配模式是非贪婪的。非贪婪模式尽可能少的匹配所搜索的字符串,而默认的贪婪模式则尽可能多的匹配所搜索的字符串。例如,对于字符串 "oooo",'o+?' 将匹配单个 "o",而 'o+' 将匹配所有 'o'。 . 匹配除 "\n" 之外的任何单个字符。要匹配包括 '\n' 在内的任何字符,请使用象 '[.\n]' 的模式。 (pattern) 匹配 pattern 并获取这一匹配。所获取的匹配可以从产生的 Matches 集合得到,在VBScript 中使用 SubMatches 集合,在JScript 中则使用 $0…$9 属性。要匹配圆括号字符,请使用 '\(' 或 '\)'。 (?:pattern) 匹配 pattern 但不获取匹配结果,也就是说这是一个非获取匹配,不进行存储供以后使用。这在使用 "或" 字符 () 来组合一个模式的各个部分是很有用。例如, 'industr(?:yies) 就是一个比 'industryindustries' 更简略的表达式。 (?=pattern) 正向预查,在任何匹配 pattern 的字符串开始处匹配查找字符串。这是一个非获取匹配,也就是说,该匹配不需要获取供以后使用。例如,'Windows (?=9598NT2000)' 能匹配 "windows 2000" 中的 "Windows" ,但不能匹配 "Windows 3.1" 中的 "Windows"。预查不消耗字符,也就是说,在一个匹配发生后,在最后一次匹配之后立即开始下一次匹配的搜索,而不是从包含预查的字符之后开始。 (?!pattern) 负向预查,在任何不匹配 pattern 的字符串开始处匹配查找字符串。这是一个非获取匹配,也就是说,该匹配不需要获取供以后使用。例如'Windows (?!9598NT2000)' 能匹配 "Windows 3.1" 中的 "Windows",但不能匹配 "Windows 2000" 中的 "Windows"。预查不消耗字符,也就是说,在一个匹配发生后,在最后一次匹配之后立即开始下一次匹配的搜索,而不是从包含预查的字符之后开始 xy 匹配 x 或 y。例如,'zfood' 能匹配 "z" 或 "food"。'(zf)ood' 则匹配 "zood" 或 "food"。 [xyz] 字符集合。匹配所包含的任意一个字符。例如, '[abc]' 可以匹配 "plain" 中的 'a'。 [^xyz] 负值字符集合。匹配未包含的任意字符。例如, '[^abc]' 可以匹配 "plain" 中的'p'。 [a-z] 字符范围。匹配指定范围内的任意字符。例如,'[a-z]' 可以匹配 'a' 到 'z' 范围内的任意小写字母字符。 [^a-z] 负值字符范围。匹配任何不在指定范围内的任意字符。例如,'[^a-z]' 可以匹配任何不在 'a' 到 'z' 范围内的任意字符。 \b 匹配一个单词边界,也就是指单词和空格间的位置。例如, 'er\b' 可以匹配"never" 中的 'er',但不能匹配 "verb" 中的 'er'。 \B 匹配非单词边界。'er\B' 能匹配 "verb" 中的 'er',但不能匹配 "never" 中的 'er'。 \cx 匹配由 x 指明的控制字符。例如, \cM 匹配一个 Control-M 或回车符。x 的值必须为 A-Z 或 a-z 之一。否则,将 c 视为一个原义的 'c' 字符。 \d 匹配一个数字字符。等价于 [0-9]。 \D 匹配一个非数字字符。等价于 [^0-9]。 \f 匹配一个换页符。等价于 \x0c 和 \cL。 \n 匹配一个换行符。等价于 \x0a 和 \cJ。 \r 匹配一个回车符。等价于 \x0d 和 \cM。 \s 匹配任何空白字符,包括空格、制表符、换页符等等。等价于 [ \f\n\r\t\v]。 \S 匹配任何非空白字符。等价于 [^ \f\n\r\t\v]。 \t 匹配一个制表符。等价于 \x09 和 \cI。 \v 匹配一个垂直制表符。等价于 \x0b 和 \cK。 \w 匹配包括下划线的任何单词字符。等价于'[A-Za-z0-9_]'。 \W 匹配任何非单词字符。等价于 '[^A-Za-z0-9_]'。 \xn 匹配 n,其中 n 为十六进制转义值。十六进制转义值必须为确定的两个数字长。例如,'\x41' 匹配 "A"。'\x041' 则等价于 '\x04' & "1"。正则表达式中可以使用 ASCII 编码。. \num 匹配 num,其中 num 是一个正整数。对所获取的匹配的引用。例如,'(.)\1' 匹配两个连续的相同字符。 \n 标识一个八进制转义值或一个向后引用。如果 \n 之前至少 n 个获取的子表达式,则 n 为向后引用。否则,如果 n 为八进制数字 (0-7),则 n 为一个八进制转义值。 \nm 标识一个八进制转义值或一个向后引用。如果 \nm 之前至少有 nm 个获得子表达式,则 nm 为向后引用。如果 \nm 之前至少有 n 个获取,则 n 为一个后跟文字 m 的向后引用。如果前面的条件都不满足,若 n 和 m 均为八进制数字 (0-7),则 \nm 将匹配八进制转义值 nm。 \nml 如果 n 为八进制数字 (0-3),且 m 和 l 均为八进制数字 (0-7),则匹配八进制转义值 nml。 \un 匹配 n,其中 n 是一个用四个十六进制数字表示的 Unicode 字符。例如, \u00A9 匹配版权符号 (?)。


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